TRFC Training Drills


Fall 2018

Misc Games and Drills




Objective: to improve speed of play, passing skills and taking goalscoring opportunities.


Age group: 7-14

Set up: Place a 5-yard wide goal made with two poles or cones in the middle of a 30×30 playing area.

Divide your players into two teams of four plus one ‘keeper.


How to play: Both teams try to score in the goal.

They can score from either side of the goal.

Play for 10 minutes.



  1. Help your players work out how to deal with ‘numbers up’ and ‘numbers down’ situations by playing 5v3.
  2. Each team selects a target player who is the only player who can score.
  3. Play with three teams of three and two balls



Being able to score in either side of the goal provides more opportunities to recognise when there is an opportunity to score, either directly or by switching play to the other side of the goal.



Age group: U7 – U14


Set up: Create a 20 x 30 playing area.

This might seem like a big area for just four players but the big space will create more breakaway situations and will encourage players to run into spaces during matches.

Place a small goal on each end line.

Split your players into teams of two and give each team a number – 1,2,3,4.

Each team has a soccer ball.

Note: if you have more than eight players (four teams) set up two games of Attack! Attack! to reduce waiting time.


How to play: teams 1 and 2 play 2v2. The remaining teams spread out along the sidelines.

If a team concedes a goal they leave the field and the next team step on with their ball. They attack the winning team’s goal as quickly as possible.

The winning team stays on and plays until they concede a goal.

If the ball goes out of bounds, the game is restarted with a kick in.

First team to win X number of games wins.


This is a fun, fast-paced game that will help your players understand the principle of moving into space to receive a pass. It will also sharpen their attacking and defending skills and improve their team-work.



This is an easy-to-play tag game that encourages youngsters to dribble the ball and turn away from defenders. It can be used a warm-up or as part of a session on dribbling or just for fun!

Age group: 3-8

Set up: create a square playing area large enough for your players to move around in comfortably but not so big that the taggers will have trouble catching them. Twelve 5-year-olds will need something like a 20×20 yard space.

Every player has a ball except a team of two or three players who are the taggers.

How to play: Players dribble their ball around while the taggers try to tag them.

When players are tagged, they are frozen and must pick their ball up and hold it above their head shouting ‘HELP!’ as loudly as they can.

A player can only be unfrozen by another player who passes their ball between the frozen player’s legs.


See how many players the tag team can catch in two minutes then change the taggers and play again.